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Program | Art of Movement

10 days  –  23 Nov. | 2 Dic. 2018  –  Spazio Seme (Arezzo, Italy)

24, 25 Nov. Afrossà BDC” –  Afrobrazilian dance workshop

25, 26, 27, 28, 29, 30 Nov. – “Body Act Rasa” Intensive workshop of  Indian Theatre

30 Nov. 1,2 Dic. – Contact Improvisation JAM (Silent Jam, Focus Jam, Live Jam)

1 e 2 Dic. –  “Dare voce a se stessi” – Vocal laboratory Roy Hart Theatre and Georgian songs.

The intensive course of artistic training is aimed at actors, dancers, musicians and anyone interested in learning about and practicing the arts of movement in a cultural and expressive syncretism enviorenment.

The program consists in 10 days of training, divided into three different modules, focusing specifically on certain sectors of the art of movement.

Dance Contact Improvisation, Afro-brazialian – Leonardo Lambruschini and Carlos Ujhama

Indian Theater (Body Act Rasa) – Abanti Chakraborty and Gianni Bruschi

Voice and Gegorgian songs (Roy Hart Theater) – Laurent Stéphan & Emanuela Ceccherini

The course is aimed at anyone that:
– is experienced in the performing arts or at least in a specific field (theater, singing, dance, expressive or stage arts in general).
– needs to integrate technical skills and inspiration and wants to live a residential experience at Spazio Seme, together with a group of 12 artists from Calcutta (India)
– wants to receive the CID / UNESCO International Certification of Afro-Brazilian dance AFROSSÁ BDC in the “Afrossà” workshop
– wants to have a unique experience on improvisation and research during the JAM Contact Improvisation
– want to have a full immersion experience and reseach on voice and singing at the workshop “Finding your own voice” (Roy Art Theater).

There are 7 places left.
The Fee includes lunch and breakfast at Spazio Seme.
Dinner is self-provided.
Participants will be accommodated in an apartment with shared rooms.
Fee:: 390.00
Helpers Fee: 200.00
Scholarship: offered by Spazio Seme and IABACE based on a selection by 10 Nov. –

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