Workshop /afrossa,

Casa de Artes KABEIRIA | Atenas, Grécia – 26, 27 e 28 de Jun, 2019.


Afrobrazilian dance workshop/ Afrossa

Quilombo Cultural Center – Atenas/Grécia – 29 e 30 JUN/2019

AFROSSA’ – BDC– Afrobrazilian workshop  DANCE & PERCUSSION / 24 e 25 Nov.


It is a dance training program, based on Afro-Brazilian expressions from the city of Salvador / Bahia, which uses elements of capoeira, dances of the Orixás, samba, folk dances and their syncretisms.

It is the only program on Afro-Brazilian dance recognized by the International Council of Dance CID / UNESCO, through IABACE, in recognition of this discipline in more than 170 countries, worldwide.

The program is aimed at dancers, actors, musicians, singers and performer in general.

Dance Workshop with:
– Carlos Ujhama, Salvador/BA (popular dances and technique)
– Ana Estrela, Salvador/BA (symbology and dance of the orixás, samba de roda)

Percussion workshop with:
– Neney Santos, Salvador/BA (ringtones and candomblé rhythms, percussion technique)

– Anderson do Samba (DNA do Samba Reggae)